An Interview with a Sertoma Kids parent.

What do you think of Sertoma’s Speech clinic?

The services provided through Sertoma’s Speech Clinic are top notch! Pam Plank is Andrew’s Speech Therapist and she is knowledgeable, innovative, and creative. Andrew’s therapy is specialized in that he utilizes a speech generation device to assist with his communication. In my search for this specialized therapy, I chose Sertoma’s Speech Clinic based on the staff’s experience in this area. We are all pleased with Andrew’s progress!

What does Andrew enjoy?

Andrew enjoys animals – all animals – live, in movies, and in books. He loves to go to Mote Marine, Jungle Gardens, Sea World, and Animal Kingdom.  He loves school and is a part of the Pathways Class at Pinnacle Academy. He also enjoys playing games on his Wii and on some of his favorite Mom and Dad approved websites. Another activity he enjoys is baseball. He loves to play and watch live games and games on TV.

What is special about Andrew?

Andrew’s spark for life is just one of the many things that are special about him. His sense of adventure, imagination, and affection for others has taught many who know him how to accept differences.

What are his needs?

His biggest need is for improved communication. In addition to his condition of Down syndrome,  he is hearing impaired. These combined; give us much to work on. Thanks to modern technology (the speech generation device) and therapy he is receiving to help us all incorporate    this into our lives as his voice, we are on our way!

What is one of your favorite things about Andrew?

Andrew’s smile and his belly laugh, they are infectious!





How do you describe Lexi?

“Lexi loves to be out side.  Lexi loves to swim, play and swing on her outside play set, go for wagon rides, bike rides (she rides in her seat on her Daddy’s bike) and explore the outdoors. Lexi also loves music, painting and watching movies while enjoying a bowl of popcorn”

What is Lexi’s personality?

Loving, joyful and determined.

What do you think of Sertoma Kids?

“We are just so grateful for Pam and the Sertoma Speech Clinic.” (Jackie)