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In order to receive speech therapy from Sertoma Kids, please contact us at (941) 228-1062 or follow the application process below, based on your situation.

How to apply for speech and language therapy services.

Financial Assistance
If would like to apply for financial assistance to receive Speech and Language Therapy, submit a completed application AND the first two pages of your most recent year’s tax return via fax to (941) 306-1805 or via email to

Full Pay
If you do not wish to receive discounted Speech and Language Therapy, submit an application via fax (941) 306-1805 or via email to

Frequently asked questions

  1. Who is eligible to receive speech and language therapy from Sertoma Kids?
    Any child with a communicative disorder may receive therapy from Sertoma Kids.
  2. How much will therapy cost?
    Each child has a different payment amount (co-pay) per therapy session. This is based on the family’s financial need. Co-pays range from $0 to $50 per 30 minute session.
  3. Do you accept Insurance?
    At this time we do not accept insurance.
  4. How do I find out what my child’s co-pay would be?
    Call us to discuss your situation (941) 228-1062. Or Complete the financial application.
  5. How do I apply for therapy at Sertoma Kids?
    Submit to us a completed application and the first two pages of your tax return via email at
  6. What if I do not wish to submit my financial information?
    You may apply as a full pay for $50.00 per 30 minute
    session without submitting any financial information.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about Sertoma Kids or the application process.

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