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One in 10 children currently living in Sarasota County need speech and language therapy. But not all are able to get it through their schools.

Nearly 25% of the children who receive assistance through Sertoma Kids have been diagnosed with Autism and other developmental disorders.

Early intervention programs like Sertoma Kids play a critical role in helping children gain the skills and confidence they need to live fuller, happier lives.


  • It’s not how you start out, but where you end up that is important.  As someone who had speech therapy growing up, I can attest to the valuable services that Sertoma Kids provides for children and their families.  I’m proud to support this incredible asset to our community.

    Matt Buchanan GM & Operating Partner, Sarasota Ford
  • Our family has been exceedingly blessed by Sertoma Kids! We are so grateful for the exceptional therapy, ongoing encouragement, and helpful resources we have received and continue to receive.

    Janna Parent
  • Sertoma Kids has impacted our family tremendously. Our son has progressed from being unable to make eye contact when speaking to being able to fully socialize with others. It's wonderful and beautiful to be able to have a conversation with him. We are forever grateful to Sertoma Kids. Thank you!

    Rorn Morris Parent
  • Pam with Sertoma Kids helped our 3 1/2 year old son become a verbal, social and confident child. Her knowledge and support made all of the difference! 

    Sarasota Family
  • Pam with Sertoma Kids has made a huge impact on my son's ability to communicate and in his confidence in interacting with his peers. We are so grateful for all of the help she has given him and continues to give to him!

    Laura S. Parent

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